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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Summer!

Happy Summer Solstice!

(Image courtesy of www.owlsdaughter.com)

Well, its been a busy, productive and eventful time since Beltane 2012 on the 24th November we all met over dinner, good company (and some exceptional locally produced cider) and recapped on all that we've achieved this year and where we are headed. The MFPG Inc has taken off and been so wonderfully supported by so many individuals and organisations that we wanted to shout out a big thank you to all of you that continue to help shape and evolve the Gathering into what it is.
A space for like minded people to come together and celebrate the Beltane Sabbat and this land. Meet old friends and greet new ones.
We are so pleased that 2013's ritual will be hosted by the lovely Seline Cardamon-Cairns and her group of fine folk. Thankyou to you for offering, we are so looking forward to that and we can't wait!

A number of things on the agenda are moving this blog to a web page which will be easier to navigate and install certain features on. The design element is still ongoing and we hope that in the first half of 2013 we will have a new web 'home'.

The MFAPG Inc is now a part of the local market and if you support local growers, bakers and makers then the monthly Harcourt Market is for you!
You can find more details here:
The next scheduled market for Harcourt is Sunday the 16th December 2012-we hope to see you there!!
Last month was its very first and it was fantastic! May we also recommend a gorgeous potter by the name of Truly who makes the most stunning pottery-you can find out more about Truly, her pottery and where she sells here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Made-by-Truly/128869757172264
Here is one of her beautiful mugs! (We couldn't control ourselves and each purchased an owl and skull insignia mug)

(Image courtesy of 'Made by Truly')

Some of our activities planned for 2013 also include not only supporting the protection of flora and fauna unique to Mount Franklin, but also that of Central Victoria. As a both individuals, coven members and Inc members we are committed to sustainability and care of our ecology . We hope to build new networks and partnerships which support and enrich our goals of self sustainability, environmental protection, supporting and buying local and fresh.

Please remember that we know how many of you are exceptionally talented folk and we are always happy to support and promote what you do and what you create! If you would like a spot on the blog please send in a blurb about you and your art and some photos and we will showcase it for you!

We are all peering at Hawthorn at this point :P! <Checking inbox-empty!> For those of you who don't know Hawthorn, makes beautiful ritual and decorative pieces from wood and if we can be cheeky here is his FB email hawthornmagicktree@facebook.com.
Hopefully he will forgive us :)

After a beautiful moon last month we all feel light, refreshed and ready to begin anew. The dross and the drains which can attach themselves have been cast aside and we look towards the Solstice and 2013 with renewed vigour. The garden flourishes, our trees bear fruit, the bees are dancing and all is well and happy in our hearth and homes. We hope likewise that they are the same for you, in your places and spaces. Go out and smell the roses, put your feet and hands upon the earth and listen to the wind whisper in your ear while the sunlight streams as it ascends to its zenith.
We leave you with one of our favourite artist and theorist quotes that has resonated with all of us of late and served as a timely reminder for many things....

“Everything that is dead quivers. Not only the things of poetry, stars, moon, wood, flowers, but even a white trouser button glittering out of a puddle in the street... Everything has a secret soul, which is silent more often than it speaks.”

Wassily Kandinsky 1866-1944

Happy Summer to you all!