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Thursday, May 23, 2013


Updates here, there and everywhere!

It would seem that everyone has been busily sorting the wheat from the chaff, the shit from the sugar, the good from the bad! Here at MFAPG HQ we seem to have emerged into the Winter months feeling the benefit of reflection and discarding of what has been and what is unnecessary to move solidly into the future. We come to our first AGM shortly and its been one amazing journey that has been supported solidly by the core group and everyone in the public for who the gathering has made a home in their heart and minds. Once again we are bginning preparations for this years event, this year the ritual will be hosted by the very beautiful and fabulous Seline Cardamon-Cairns. We are enormously excited to be a part of Seline's path and we may also have another announcement to come to add to this but we are still waiting on confirmation of details.

As always the Gathering could not take place without the wonderful support of SHARE-Hepburn Sustainability Group. You can find out more about the great work they do in the community here: 

We also could not function without the continued support and input from Parks Victoria and the wonderful rangers who liaise with us regularly regarding MFAPG.


For the last few months we have been busy monthly with the markets and these have continued to grow each month. Our aim is to give back to Mount Franklin in terms of preservation, heritage and improvement.

We also could not manage without you! Those wonderful people who come and celebrate in the spirit of friendship, companionship and likeminds. We have been overwhelmed by the amount of support given to the Gathering by all of you.

In the community there have been some great new enterprises running such as:


Catherine has been an avid supporter of the Gathering for over 20 years so the least we can do is show her and Verity's new venture off!

"Once upon a time in the land of Melbourne there were two women who met by chance and became friends. They were both wives and mothers; one of them was a herbalist (that's Verity) and one of them was an acupuncturist (that's Catherine). One fine day they decided to pool their passions for herbs, natural healing and working in harmony with Nature and Lilith's Herb Garden was born.
Lilith's Herb Garden is a place where you will find an eclectic mix of herbal teas and energetic medicines, as well as healing ointments and balms. All products are handmade by us, using organic ingredients wherever possible"

"The Green Man Quarterly is a new Australian magazine taking a deeper look into Witchcraft, Paganism and the Occult" 
William is the editor of the new magazine and has been a great supporter and attendee of the Gathering for some years now. We wish him well!

Exciting news aas Seline and hawthorn once again take up the Euphoria mantle once again for those familiar and not familar please check the following group page for more information!

As the wheel ever spins, enjoy this gorgeous time of the year and more news to follow! Next up Midwinter!!

From all of us at MFAPG HQ-Merry meet and merry part.