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Monday, February 14, 2011

A Touch of Info

Just a little bit of info to help those not familiar with the Mount and to help you prepare for the weekend. Even though its not until October with most of us leading disgracefully busy lives some pre-gathering info for those unacquainted may help you to get ready!
1.Camping grounds only-there is no accomodation unless you wish to book yourselves into accomodation within commuting distance to the Mount. These would include towns such as Daylesford, Guildford and Castlemaine. Bendigo if you don't mind about a 45 minute car trip. Mount Franklin is roughly about 1.5 hrs from Melbourne and you would most likely need to hire a car or scout the public transport to at least get to one of the towns listed above. I'm sure numerous people would be only too happy to help you get from these towns to the Mount if you stick your hand up in time and lets us know. Naturally all camping equipment you would need to supply unless you are coming from interstate and a large tent,  tops you over the carry on baggage allowance-if so please let us know early, lots of us with lots of stuff!! We can probably get you through the weekend.
2. It can get bone chillingly cold and wet or both! Prepare adequately for all weather conditions. Really. That floating medieval outfit might look glorious in the day sun but believe me when the sun goes down we will all be marvelling at the innovative ice sculpture someone bought along....
3. The CHS typically sets up a communal tent and party area so under all weather conditions we can celebrate our wonderful sabbat and shared weekend together
4. Children and dogs-of course!! We love them and they are more than welcome please make sure however that both are well behaved and you have leashes :P.....**and remember they are your responsibility and you MUST clean up after them-no dog crap, nappies etc are to be left on the Mount...
5. Rubbish-is your responsibility!!! If you bring it-take it home with you or dispose of in the nearest garbage receptacle available-DO NOT LEAVE IT ON THE MOUNT-this includes cigarette butts and booze bottles.
6. There is no potable water on the Mount please bring sufficient water with you. The water available has a fire retardant added to it and is therefore not suitable for consumption.
7. Fire drums are made available and only fires in the places provided are permitted-absolutely no fires outside of these areas is allowed.
8. Music, voices and acoustic instruments are all welcome-stereos and 'doof doof' music will be plunged over the precipice never to be heard of again....
8. If we think of anything else we will let you know! Most of all enjoy the days and Sabbats as they fall,  bringing us closer to the 30th Mount Franklin Annual Pagan Gathering....

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