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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Magical Art of Aaron Pocock

For many, many years I have been a fan of the fantasy artist Arthur Rackham, but recently I have discovered an artist who is wonderfully similar, but still has his own style. I have been privileged to get to know this artist this year, and on facebook he 'wows' his friends everyday by posting up his 'daily sketches' which is does as a morning 'warm-up' before getting to work on the illustrations for his commissioned work.

A few days ago, I asked Aaron Pocock to draw an image for the Mount Franklin Annual Pagan Gathering Blog - a Hawthorn spirit - the hawthorn representing the May, thus representing Beltane.
This is what he did for us.

A hawthorn green man! He kind of looks like a certain member of the Celtic Heritage Society!!

I am now in the process of purchasing this art piece for myself/us to use on our flyer if we choose to, or even on this blog as a logo or mascot perhaps.

To see Aaron's amazing art visit these following websites... or friend him on facebook...




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  1. Its wonderful artwork indeed! Now for any one who is enthralled by local pagan artists/musicians please let us know here at MFAPG so that we can advertise their work!!