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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Spit Spot Housekeeping

Hello everyone,

Here's a timely reminder for those planning to attend this years MFAPG. Just a spot of housekeeping and some essential details to jog the cogs and get you into planning mode!!

The weekend commences on the last weekend in October regardless if that falls into the first day or so of November. A lot of folk arrive on the Friday to set up camp and relax, mingle meet people chat and settle in. Saturday holds the main ritual at sunset. Most people tend to cruise on the Saturday, relaxing and chatting or heading off to Daylesford (some very nice groovy shops and eateries/galleries here) and the glorious baths at Hepburn Springs. Sunday is traditionally market morning and Maypole-and of course if you cannot stay you are welcome to attend that day or any day. There is no cost. The market tends to wax and wane in terms of stalls and marketers. Some years its a large varied affair and other years sparse with only a few stallholders.
If you are planning on camping-be prepared for all weather eventualities-really! We absolutely cannot emphasise this enough!!
Be prepared for sensationally freezing nights (I'm a hot water bottle lover at Franklin every year!!) Ground sheets under your camp mattress is a good idea and being prepared for wet weather-though a little weather witch tells me "dry this year"-I guess we will find out, though she did correctly predict almost monsoon like rain last year hmmmm!!
Please remember that there is no potable water on the Mount-that is you cannot consume the water from the taps as the water has a fire retardant added to it.
Any unattended fires will be extinguished and must be in a fire drum (available in limited supply from the Celtic Heritage Society Marquee).
You are free to come and go as you please and explore but please do not climb the fire tower.
Bring food, water, firewood-you may not head up the crater and lop down the trees-loo paper!!! (nothing like a spot of self sufficiency) :))
The CHS has a safety plan which attendees must adhere to and will be given on arrival. We have a qualified registered nurse, and several qualified Level 2 first aiders. We also have a member who co-ordinates SES responses and a member of who is a detective within Vic Police and also a qualified first aider. The nurse, Level 2's, ses and officer are included in this safety plan-and will act as guides and marshalls in the event of any incident.
Serious business of housekeeping is done!!

Its our 30th birthday this year and who would have thought that the event would grow and foster into a celebration loved and held dear by so many? For many people MFAPG was their first introduction to paganism, for others a space to be with like minded folk,  to see old friends and to greet new ones :) It could never happen without the tireless input of the CHS and all the magnificent contributors, friends and loved ones every year.
So bring your open hearts, goodwill and respect for the Old Gods and lets all enjoy a memorable, magical and inspirational 30th Mount Franklin Beltane.
We look forward to meeting you and hope you enjoy Mount Franklin Annual Pagan Gathering 2011 29th-31st October 2011 :))

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