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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Another memorable Beltaine

Here are my pictures of this years colossal birthday event. It was so strange to see the mountain covered in lush green leaves, and not just small buds on the trees and barely any grass. I don't remember seeing the ritual circle looking so green - all this rain these past two years has done wonders for the mountain. This was my 11th Beltane - I am getting very used to attending this event now, each of them different but wonderful...

Erecting the marquee

Sunny Saturday visiting the neighbouring campsite of my old friends
The neighbours camp
Our pots of stew bubbling away.
I picked red, pink and white hawthorn for the altar and the maypole

chillin' round the marquee
costumes for the ritual
Michel enjoying the smell of good food
Josie learns her lines for ritual
Members of the Coven of the Eternal Goddess
Andrew, Scarlett, Bev and Kira
Scarlett and Mick
Scarlett plays with my green sequin material

Scarlett as the Nightmare
The Fire birds
The Raven (Me!)
Clive and the Raven
Josie and the Raven
The May Queen and the Raven

Reuben as the obby oss
The Teaser with the fire birds
Getting ready for ritual
Our fair mountain
My sheep skull Fred got a new feathery hairstyle and LED lights for shiny eyes..
I decorated the maypole on Sunday with the red hawthorn
Looking for people to dance the maypole

The musicians play while the people dance

The Moot begins...
A basenji watches the moot
The final fun for the mount - a witch pinata full of lollies
The maypole gets ready to go away for another 12 months...

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