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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Autumn in Malmsbury

Another Central Victorian town not far from Mount Franklin is Malmsbury, a popular destination for travelers along the Calder to and from Melbourne. Since the town was bypassed in 2008 it has reclaimed something of its rural feeling, but it can still be very busy, especially on weekends and holidays.

One of its finest features is its botanical garden, which sits right on the Coliban river and visitors can enjoy walks around the small lake, through stands of some exceptional European and native trees and plants. You can also make your way up to the Malmsbury Viaduct, Victoria's largest masonry bridge which is over 150 years old and a stunning example of stonework, using beautifully dressed local bluestone blocks.

Like the Harcourt oak forest, the gardens in Malmsbury are very lovely in the autumn, so you are encouraged to come and take a look!

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