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Monday, April 22, 2013

Ever Changing...

I drove into Mount Franklin during the school holidays for a visit recently and found a great change to the area. The large Scots Pine that sits next to the clearing on the west of the crater, where the organisers and registration is situated, has been cut down. I've not tried to find out why, but I'm sure Parks Victoria had their reasons (and I am naturally assuming they are responsible). All the branches with its needles are now gone, but its large trunk sit forlornly nearby. The crater has changed so much over the years - trees being planted and others cut or fallen down, droughts, roads mended, fencing areas off for safety and preservation etc, so we should expect a bit of change now and again. A part of it may have broken or fallen, so cutting it down may have been the safest thing to do.

Still it's sad, not much we can do about it now, it will be strange to not have the pine there anymore. It was such a great tree!

Josie standing on the stump

Pic of the tree from Beltane 2012, only 6 months before.

Another one from 2012 Beltane - No more shade!

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