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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Elderflower Champagne

I know I am a few weeks late with this - a recipe for elderflower champagne. Elderflowers are out in November and December, but if you make enough, it will be an excellent drink for Midsummer/Xmas parties and the summer. It's quite a sweet drink, but has the wonderful flavour of elderflowers in it.

Collect plastic bottles - about 3 or 4 - (it makes 4 litres) - those Waterford mineral water bottles are great and cheap.

Elderflower Champagne
2 tablespoons of white vinegar
4 Litres of water
2 lemons
650grams white sugar
4-5 heads of elderflowers

Combine and stir all ingredients in a large bowl (that fits 4 L) except for the lemons - Cut the lemons, squeeze them, then add the juice as well as the lemons to the bowl. Leave for 24 hours. Sieve the champagne into your bottles, and after a few days it will be fizzy enough to drink. No need to dilute with water.

Anyone got any other ways of making this or elderflower cordial???

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  1. I love Elder trees. That photo is tugging on my idealist live-in-the-country-and-grow-plants aesthetic!