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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Food for the Sabbats-Food for the Soul...

2011 marks the year, I finally pull out the proverbial finger and Linda and I get together to seal the deal on a book we have always wanted to do. The header to this reflects the sort of topic we are exploring :) From the luxurious recipes of Dandelion and Elderflower wine to Brose, to full sabbat relevant food and esbat offerings, we hope it will provide a relevant and practical reference to the use of food and beverage in magical workings. We always include great food at the Mount Franklin Pagan Gatherings-from spit roasted meats, assorted root vegetables, vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and breads, cheeses, wines, berries and dips...pagans and witches just know how to do food! So what does food and wine mean to you??


  1. I always thought that the feasting that goes with a Sabbat was an integral part of the celebration. The upcoming Sabbat of Lammas is all about food as it celebrates the "Loaf Mass" when we enjoy the first fruits of this years harvest. If you want any help with writing up the recipes then just let me know and I'm on board.

  2. Absolutely! It is integral and has specific references to both the season, ritual and magical technique. Love to have your assistance in this one! I'm sure L would agree!