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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Artists, Artisans and Performers!

At this year's Beltane Gathering we would love to offer an opportunity to artists, craftspeople, artisans and performers to exhibit/perform/display their skills to the community. We're calling for submissions, via email (or conventional mail), from interested people for this year's event. Please include a description of what you do (or photos, YouTube videos, etc) and how you would like to show it to the world.

Examples of things people could do might include impermanent art installations, performances of music, theatre, poetry or dance, handcrafted goods, visual art, readings of fiction or non-fiction, crafts and so on. 

Importantly, we must comply with Parks Victoria's rules, in particular the one that states we may not run a market at the Gathering. Therefore we ask that any displays of goods are presented with this in mind, e.g. without price-tags. Also, we must be aware of issues relating to public safety, and will accept submissions that will not pose a risk, or only from performers who have their own public liability insurance, for example.

We can only provide the opportunity, but not the means for display, or protection from the elements, etc. so we ask that interested people also be mindful of this fact when making submissions. 

Finally, we will limit the number of formal submissions this year and see how it goes, and once we know the final number we'll post details here on the blog. If successful, we'll keep it going in 2013 and beyond! We're really keen to help creative pagan people increase their profiles and reach new audiences, so we're excited to see what can happen this year.

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