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Friday, August 17, 2012

Welcome to.....The Mount Franklin Pagan Gathering Association Inc.

Time flies when you're having fun or so they saying goes. Spring is in the air as we looked out to our orchard and saw the new apple blossoms captured against a background of a whole tonne of work which needs doing prior to our summer beds being planted out. The hens and our lovely rooster Rupert (not so lovely at 3.00am mind you) are looking very snazzy after the customary moulting and we have a once again renewed steady stream of eggs beginning to arrive now that the days are lengthening and the girls are back on the lay. Our garlic crop looks promising and the array of snowdrops and bulbs starting to peak out every morning is lovely.
But what of Mount Franklin? We have been once again busy with the preparations that go on behind the scenes each year which enable the gathering to run smoothly. As you are all aware now we have evolved into an incorporated body. This enables us to more formally handle some of the concerns that arise these days with public gatherings such as insurance etc but it allows us the platform to initiate unprecedented support for the Mount which has such significant historical and cultural importance indigenous people, non-pagan and pagan folk alike from all over. 
In previous articles we have discussed the wonderful arboretum of the Mount which was officially recognised as such in the early part of 2000. 
For those of you unfamiliar this excerpt was taken from the Geomantica Magazine Issue 25 Spring 2004. (http://www.geomantica.com/geom25.htm#3

"Mount Franklin is a prominent and classically shaped scoria cone volcano of great geological interest, some 635m high and about 10km north of Daylesford in central Victoria. From its pine plantation swathed summit no less than ten other scoria cone volcanoes can be seen. The southern end of the cone was breached, possibly by a late lava flow, and this has enabled a road to give easy access into the central crater area.
The park like interior abounds with mighty exotic trees, like the grove of stately Californian redwoods, planted after a severe bush fire denuded it all. It is now a registered arboretum" 

It is the intention of the MFAPG Inc to continue to support the integrity of flora and fauna of the Mount and its surrounding districts under the instruction and direction of Parks Victoria. 
The gathering will remain essentially unchanged and we have made all attempts to keep the organic nature and aspirations of the gathering intact.
The offices of the Inc are now filled and we are gathering momentum as the days begin to hasten and we find that Beltane is once again here. 
This year we would like to focus upon the arts and craftsmanship of those people who feel they have something to show and share. We are so excited at this prospect are are hoping that you crafty folk out there take us up on the offer!  If you are interested in exhibiting art, music, craft (non commercial please!-any sales are by private arrangement only) at this years gathering, please let us know and refer to the previous article regarding arrangements for the same. Don't be shy!! We know how damn good you are-come forth post haste!

We are so looking forward to the next gathering and to seeing you all there then. Don't forget to register with us if you wish to be included please and /or if you wish to exhibit!!


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