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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pathway to the Gathering....

We have proposed a slightly more structured Gathering this year and would like to announce the following:

26th October Friday Evening:

We will have an informal circle to meet everyone and open the Gathering. This is a time where we will discuss housekeeping details, etiquette, registration completion, introductions and some historical notes regarding the indigenous and pagan history of Mount Franklin.
We will have a blackboard located outside the Marquee which will have updates on times when the following proposals will be underway.

27th October Saturday Afternoon:
A workshop regarding some aspects regarding the ritual.
Please note YOU ARE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE some items as follows:

*Sections of old sheeting or cotton based materials about 2 inches wide.
*An old paint bucket or milo tin-NO PLASTIC!! These are to hold and soak torches in.You will be shown how to make and use these at the workshop safely. You will **each** need one excluding children under 12 who will not be permitted to carry one.
*Safe solar lanterns-please bring any and all solar lanterns that are in safe working order.

Many people are unaware of both the significance and intricacies associated with the Spiral Dance. You will be introduced to this and have this explained to you as well as a demonstration. We advise that the Spiral Dance can become quite boisterous and rapid, therefore those of us with creaky/dodgy knees, hips, backs etc, pregnant women, babes-in-arms and children may not be suited to this aspect. But as you are adults we leave this to your own discretion and choice.

Ritual is a both a joyful and serious expression of worship of the Old Religion. In this section of the workshop we will explain circle etiquette and certain expectations.

The ritual will be held later in the evening with shared celebrations around the bonfire.

28th October Sunday:
Somewhere between late morning and early afternoon we enjoy the Maypole Dance and a the traditional Moot and close of the Gathering.

Shortly a PDF version of our flyer will be uploaded to both this site and the FB site for you to read and explore. Please remember to re-read the housekeeping and tips on camping at Mount Franklin.

We are very excited to see our beloved gathering come round again once again and are looking forward as always to seeing old and (meeting) new friends.


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