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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Beltane!

Just a quick post to wish everyone who made it to the crater and to those who couldn't make it a very happy Beltane. The 31st annual Gathering was highly enjoyable, with such a relaxed atmosphere!

There are just a few thanks I would like to make:

  • To my fellow organisers, for the organising that this year included the process of incorporation, amongst other things. There's a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes, even while the event is running, and it's that, along with the cooperation of the community who attend, which makes for a successful gathering.
  • To Linda and Michel for providing the maypole, the bonfire pit, fire drums, spare bedding, a delicious stew and for continuing to be so tirelessly dedicated to making this event run smoothly and well for such a long time now. 
  • To Josie and Chris, for acting as the Maiden and her consort, to Cat and Scarlett for being the raven and horse, and to Mick and Alex for being Punch and the 'obby 'oss. EDIT! Also a big thankyou to Danny for offering his rhythmic services to the ritual - a job well done!
  • To Appletown Party Hire, for the marquee that we've used now for the past several years as MFAPG headquarters. In particular to Jenny and Jon for being so helpful, we really appreciate the service they provide and we cannot recommend them highly enough. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Appletown-Party-Hire/144926867505 
  • I think we should acknowledge the hard work done behind the scenes by some wonderful creative  people, notably Tania's body paint artistry on the consort, a certain talented tailor (if that's the correct term) for creating the maiden's outfit (whose anonymity shall be preserved), and in particular Mel, who created the maiden's garland but also wrote the ritual and worked some amazing magic.
  • On a personal note (if you'll allow me this indulgence), I would like to thank primarily Mel, for taking up the slack left behind by my incapacity, which involved a lot of extra work she wouldn't otherwise have had to do. And also to the many other people who offered their help, support and good wishes to me this year, while I'm recovering from surgery. I feel immensely privileged, and I thank you all very much.
A couple of other matters. The question has been asked by several people now about the T-Shirts that were made for this year's gathering. The answer to the question is yes, we can indeed sell you a shirt at any time, all you have to do is send us an email (at mountfranklinpagans@gmail.com) with your request and size, and we will send you an email back with instructions on how to pay, and so on. 

So finally, thanks to all those that attended, the fire procession looked fantastic, and the energy raised during the ritual was exhilarating and a most wonderful thing to experience. See you next year!


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