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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Usual suspects 2012

Here is a group photo of what we call the 'usual suspects' involved in running the Gathering every year. Sometimes it changes, most times it stays the same core group of people. Sometimes we have stand ins for those missing/awol/overseas!!!/or simply unable to make it. However it is grouped and whomever is involved, we can't do it without you and we cannot make it the Gathering it is each year without the extraordinary support of everyone, from the organisers to the community that celebrate each year with us. 

This year we cannot thank enough the ongoing support from the following:
Parks Victoria (http://parkweb.vic.gov.au/)
Fi & Tex from Big Tree Enterprises (5473 4098) in Guildford-who created our eco friendly T-Shirts this year
SHARE -Sustainable Hepburn Association (http://share.asn.au/) and 
Jon & Jenny at Appletown Party Hire in Castlemaine who are so awesome every year with helping us with the Marquee (137 Mostyn Street Castlemaine VIC 3450‎ (03) 5472 2836).

To the the original indigenous people to whom the Mount meant so much to and who knew it as Lalgambook, we thank the descendants of the Gunangara balug clan and the Jajowurrong People.

To the steadfast community that come together in the spirit of friendship we bid you hand to hand, heart to heart, merry we've met and merry we've part!

Lastly, but by no means least we thank our kith and kin departed and present, felt and unseen at this time of the year as the cold winds die and herald in the promise of warmth, heat and renewed vigour throughout the land.

To our Northern Hemisphere friends and family we wish you a blessed Samhain and here in the Southern Hemisphere we wish you a joyous Beltane.

31st Mount Franklin Annual Pagan Gathering Beltane 2012 


  1. I'd like to heartily endorse these sentiments, and mention one particularly notable absence from the line-up of usual suspects (yeah, the overseas one!). I'll just refer to him as P, and will add that the maypole wasn't the same without his input.