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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Chart of the Heavens over Mt. Franklin for Beltane

Beltane 2010- October 30 2010 7:30 EDST

P 14°52’   b

A 06°51    h
B 05°00’    e
C 15°18’    h
D 04°21’    h
E 01°30’    i
F 24°12’ R  l
G 11°18’    g

H 27°25’ R  l
K 25°55’ R  k
J 03°24’ j

L 05°36’ j
M 05°36’ d

MC 22°54’k
IC 22°54’e
PF 13°01’k

I just thought that everyone might be interested in the astrological arrangements for the evening of the Beltane ceremony on the mount. I had a look at the fall of the planets and jotted down a few quick notes as best as my meager astological talents allow:

Sol in the first decan of Scorpio indicates the beginning of a period of awareness of change. i.e. winter to summer.
(note: in the Northern Hemisphere Sol is in the first decan of Taurus implying an awareness of the endurance of nature.)

Luna in the first decan of Leo shows a gradual growth towards a period of strength and prominence.

Mercury in the middle decan of Scorpio indicates a magickally transformative period.

Venus in the first decan of Scorpio shows this Beltane will be a celebration of the enjoyment of love and friendship. It also indicates a successful consecration!

Mars in the initial decan of Sagittarius has us at the beginning of a period of more evolved state of affairs, but not without some friction.

Jupiter in the final decan of Pisces indicates a time that is on the verge of a greater fortune yet is held back by the retrograde motion of Jove.

Saturn continues to creep through Libra bringing a period of adjustment, co-operation and egalitarianism (also restriction by natural law).

The outer planets, show this period to be one that is on the verge of important and lasting spiritual change in the world although ambition drives this generation and this time.

The Head of the Dragon in the first decan of Capricorn indicates a period when it will be fortuitous to pursue ambitions or secretly held plans, but the Tail of the Dragon in the first decan of Cancer balances this out as these ambitions will not come to a triumphant end.

The Part of Fortune for Beltane falls in mid Aquarius showing good fortune in matters of spiritual insight.

The conjunction of Sol and Venus makes this day about the awareness of the importance of friendship and of love. It marks this day as one of fellowship.

Luna is square to Venus causing tension between the emotions and intuition and spiritual insight/awareness. whilst Sol being also square to Luna shows a tension between inner and outer consciousness for the day.

If anyone out there would like to add their own interpretation of this chart to the blog please e-mail us at mountfranklinpagans@gmail.com and I will get them up (comments are also appreciated but have a strict word limit).

David G Mattichak jr

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