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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

RSVP for Beltane 2010

Hi there , yes the gathering is going ahead on the usual weekend, please send a SAE to PO Box 54 Castlemaine for your invite and info pack. There is no charge but we need to know who and how many are coming as we only have a permit for 80. all the best and Blessed Be, the Organisers.


  1. excepting in case of incapacity, i will definitely be coming to the mountain this year! hope to see all the usual friendly faces - Scarlett XXX

  2. I think I have missed getting the invite in time. I only just decided to go. Is it too late.

    (Yes, I haven't been for a long time folks, but I really want to come, and bring my two friends and boy with me.)

  3. It's not too late to RSVP for next weekend, just send your details and a SAE to P.O. Box 54 Castlemaine 3450 and the organizers will get back to you. They have assured me that they are accepting RSVPs right up to the end of the week. It may pay to be sure to include telephone numbers and e-mail addresses for late respondants.