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Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome to the Mount Franklin Annual Pagan Gathering Blog

This web blog has been started in order to promote the Mount Franklin Annual Pagan Gathering and to give a voice to the long standing participants of this long established gathering. Established in the early eighties the Mount Franklin Annual Pagan Gathering has grown from its organic roots to become the longest continual Pagan Gathering in the Southern Hemisphere. In that time it has emerged as a colourful Pagan Gathering of worldwide renown. It is hoped that as many of the original contributers to the Mount Franklin Annual Pagan Gathering will be able to use this forum to promote this Pagan Gathering. As a part of this strategy to establish an official voice for the Mount Franklin Annual Pagan Gathering it is hoped that genuine pagans, witches and magicians who have enjoyed (and loved) this Pagan gathering will contribute their insight here as well as their memories of gatherings of the past so that a true history of the Mount Franklin Annual Pagan Gathering can be recorded.
If you would like to participate, or even contribute to this blog either leave a comment or email us at mountfranklinpagans@gmail.com .


  1. I have so many years jam packed with fond memories of companionship and joy at people coming together to celebrate a special time in a special place. The days where families could come and we would watch kids run around safely without fear of aggression and undesired behaviour. I have met so many amazingly dedicated and superb people over the years. I hope to see the Mount return to those beautiful days.

  2. I was speaking with the organizers this morning about this and that is their aim this year.