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Monday, November 8, 2010

Cool Pic from 2002!

This photo of that appears to be hooded spirits was taken on the last Saturday of October in 2002, by my friends’ friend. It was a digital camera, and the picture appeared fine until it was uploaded, and appeared like this. This picture has not been doctored at all.
The location is campsite called Mt Franklin, a very beautiful volcanic crater in central Victoria near Daylesford, where an annual pagan ritual has occurred. At the time this picture was taken, the festival was in its 21st year. The picture faces the actual ritual site used every year. Other rituals are held by pagans in this campsite, all year round, but none as large as this annual event. This was taken the morning before the ritual. It’s a very sacred place to pagans of Victoria.

I have even had a strange mist appear before me in a photo at the mountain just before I was actually going to run the ritual as priestess, this occurring in 2003. Over the years other people have seen strange things – children-sized little people sitting cross-legged on tent roofs, and aboriginals ancestors watching over the gatherings. I also saw a child/faery in a tree for a split second as I was driving out of the mountain in 2002, only a few hours after this amazing photo had been taken.

I am not sure the picture can be enlarged any more than this.


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  1. Contrary to yet another misdirected accusation here is the letter Tania sent in with the pic-which was amiss (my fault) from accrediting the lady that captured it:

    This photo was taken by a woman called Janet at the 2002 Mt Franklin Beltane. It was taken on the Saturday morning before a lot of people arrived. Janet is a friend of our friend Kylie and Kylie was with her when she casually took two photos of the ritual site. Both pictures appeared normal when she took them with her digital camera, but as she uploaded these photos, the second one looked like this. She found it so strange that she sent it to Kylie, who sent it around to us.

    See the email below this one - it shows the same info I wrote here except in that one i added info regarding faery/ghostly sightings. maybe you could add this to the Blog and ask people for their opinions.

    Not sure the 'Castle of Spirits' website exists anymore.