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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Almost there!!!

Hello hello! Not long until the weekend and our 30th Birthday kicks off. Please -please!! Familiarise yourselves with what you may need over the weekend-the blog site contains a list of etiquette as well as considerations when camping at the Mount particularly if this is your first time! If its cold, its unbelievably cold. We cannot stress this enough!!! If its wet, then bring your snorkel (almost required with dingy last year) -just prepare for all weather conditions regardless of the weather report. Hows everyone's mask creations happening? We are looking so forward to seeing everyone again and having an amazing celebration joined under one umbrella-if its raining again like last year I hope its a bloody big umbrella :P
Shortly the blogsite will show photos of the Mount Franklin Annual Pagan Gatherings recent adoptions :P
Hmmm but what could it be??
You'll all have to wait......watch this space :P

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  1. Now your masks can be of ANYTHING you like-birds, animals, fish - any flora and fauna of any origin-nationality, culture, hemisphere/existence :P Feel free to create whatever YOU want that is meaningful to you, as you create focus on the beautiful Sabbat of Beltane and let the rest follow!!!!