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Monday, October 10, 2011

Little reminders!!

Hello all!!!

Its not long now until Beltane arrives and the dance weaves and spirals as it has since time began. The Gathering is shaping up nicely and we hope you have all started to consider the kind of masks that you'd like to create and keep to commemorate our amazing 30th year celebrations :))

Some important reminders regarding the weekend on Mount Franklin: 
* You must not bring weapons-athames, swords, knives.

* Anyone appearing to be intoxicated or under the influence of any substance will be asked to remove themselves from the ritual.

*You must not cut down trees for firewood! Bring your own.

*Camping only-and it gets COLD and occasionally unpredictable!!!! So prepare for all weather conditions.

*Fires are to only occur in drums (limited supply from organisers) or fireplaces as positioned on the Mount. Unattended fires will be extinguished.

*Dogs and children remain the sole responsibility of the people they belong to.

*No potable water-remember to bring some and its always good to consider loo paper for yourself as well.

*Food is important unless you are incredibly enthusiastic and fancy the long walk to Daylesford for snacks/sustenance or you don't care to eat.  We suggest you do bring some. Sound silly? We've lost count of the years people turn up with no food, no water and one blanket.........

*We discourage electronic music, and encourage voices and instruments

*You may NOT climb the fire tower to do so would prove nothing more than in fact it was you that we   inform Parks of.

*Non-pagans also camp as is their right. We would expect nothing less than due consideration for all parties camping whatever floats their boat.

*You will NOT leave rubbish behind. This includes disposing of Rover's turds, bubby nappies and cigarette butts-you bring it-you take it home. And we do mean take it home and dispose of it there!!!-There simply isn't the provision for mass waste disposal on the Mount and nor should Parks or MFAPG be doing additional runs to the tip. Try and reduce waste where possible!

*Regrettably a market will not be operating due to recent by-law changes at local council level.

*MFAPG charges no costs.

*Any type of anti-social behaviour WILL NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES be tolerated and offenders will be asked to leave and the Police notified.

*Bring your openness, your respect, your love of our old ways and lets have an amazing birthday and Sabbat celebration **together**.

Housekeeping done!!!! Can't wait to see you all on the Mount for Beltane 2011 :)

Maypole 2009
Beltane Fires Carlton Hill.

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