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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Here they are!

On our recent meeting with Parks up at the Mount, to formalise the particulars of the Gathering this year, these two beautiful but abandoned Guinea Fowl were pointed out by by the Parks ranger. There were (according to the ranger three but one had been assumed fox prey). The two remaining fowl were undernourished and running to every visitor in the hope of food/water. The ranger expressed her concern over their future when two of the original founders and organisers of the Gathering offered to 'adopt' the fowl on behalf of the MFAPG. The ranger accepted and it took all of two minutes to capture these lovely creatures who are now most impressed with their safe environment, plentiful food and water and health care. In just one week the fowl have gained weight, are de wormed have been health checked and treated. Amazingly the female has started to lay again!  They now languish happily on the free range organic farm and are happy additions and adoptees of the MFAPG :))


  1. Fantastic!!! Thankfully the menagerie of the CHS have a home for such homeless creatures

  2. That is fantastic news! I was hoping that something sensible would happen with these birds as they were obviously dumped at the mountain under the mistaken assumption that they would be able to fend for themselves. I am glad that someone saved at least this pair from the foxes that certainly would have killed them if they had been left at Mt Franklin for much longer.
    Guinea Fowl make a loud racket so it is very understanding of their new carers to take them on! I am sure that they couldn't have found a better home than the farm that they have gone to either! Great Stuff!!
    Looking forward to seeing everyone for Beltane- only a few days now!

  3. That's great news. It's fantastic that these birds are safe, and very kind of the organisers to do this. I shan't be making it this year, but I wish all the attendees a wonderful time.

  4. That is lovely !!! It is always beyond me how anyone could " dump " an animal. My animals are my children .......

    Thankfully they are safe.