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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Beltane Ritual 2011

This year we invite you all to celebrate our illustrious milestone and 30th anniversary by bringing along masks of  any woodland, animal or bird variety. Create your own unique mask representing the essence and flavour of Beltane!.
Dress in your finery, be creative!
Although the ritual is still being formalised we would love to see participants involve themselves by creating these items as keepsakes and more importantly as part of the magic....

Masks have traditionally been used in times long past, generally we see them featured as part of Mummers or Guisers Plays. Some scholars have proposed that these formed part of the Fertility Cults working throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. Some scholars in recent years have lost favour with this traditional thought and in some new folklorist research some alternative theories are just emerging- Christina Hole, Anne Ross and the National Centre for English Cultural Research all offer an amazing array of information, evidence and theories.. Evan John Jones & Chas. S.Clifton's book "Sacred Mask-Sacred Dance" offers an informative read. There is also some evidence which supports the customs of masks in older traditions of Scandanavian and Slavic traditions.
This year we invite you all to create a mask which reflects the essence of the Sabbat, the myth and that which comes from you. Let it come and create itself...you'll be amazed.  Some people prefer to head to spotlight and grab the plain masks as a starting point and base from which to work. However and most importantly-its yours let it come from within you.....happy creating!


  1. OK! It makes me want to dig up all my masks and bring them along - then I can decide what to wear - and have spares to lend out to people...

  2. Also - it's this blogs first birthday!!